More Casting Call Results and Museum B-roll

We’re pleased to announce our second cast member: Dick Ray. He has been cast as Andrew Walker, a local man who chronicled his first-hand experience with the Wedding Cake House barn fire.

Our first day of shooting was successfully completed last week. Thanks to the wonderful people of the Brick Store Museum, we were able to get excellent b-roll. This included a map from 1856, large book drawings of the Kennebunk area during it’s ship building boom and of many different postcards and photos of the Wedding Cake House from different eras. Overall it was a great week! We will have more production days in March, moving us closer to making our film a reality.


Casting Call Results and Museums

We lot looked through a lot of great auditions and we were able to find some great talented actors. We’re pleased to announce our first cast member, Scott Marcoux… stay tuned for more casting updates next week We’re also excited to welcome our resource partners: the staff of the Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk. Utilizing their archival resources (photos, news clippings, drawings, portraits, family artifacts, etc.) we’ll be bringing the visual story, the true story, of the house to light”

Casting Call

The casting call went really well yesterday. We had a lot of people come in read for the narrator. We also had people read for George Bourne, we decided to cut Lizzie’s part and make George’s part a voice over instead. We have a lot of auditions to look over to make a final decision on who will narrate. After that we can really being production!