Production Update; Post Production

This week we did very well. We were able to record both Scott’s and Dick’s voice over pieces. They both did a great job. We were also able to edit together our first set of dallies (edited scenes).

Next week we are planning to head down to the Brick Store Museum one last time to get some left over b-roll of some of the artifacts they have. We are also planning to continue the editing process.


Production Update; Pre-Editing

This week we didn’t have class, but we were able to begin organizing some of our media. We will also begin sync our interview footage so we can start editing.

Next week we will also be recording Dick and Scott’s audio for the characters they will be playing.

Production Update; Interview

This Saturday, we resumed filming in Kennebunk. We interviewed Steve Spoffard, President of the Board of Trustees for the Brick Store Museum and local historian. Steve is well-versed in the history of ship building in the Kennebunks and tied in the industry with the history of the Bourne family.

Production Update

Great week for the Wedding Cake House, we were mentioned in both the Portland Press Herald’s Go section and in the SMCC Beacon.

Here are the links;

We will hopefully be setting up a Kickstarter Campaign, along with completed poster artwork.

Production will return on March 9th where we will film our first interview.