Film Completion, Thank You All !!!!!!

Awesome week for Wedding Cake House. We passed in our final film today in class, which means we have completed our assignment. This has a been a great semester we would like to thank all the contributors for without them we really wouldn’t have a movie. We would also like to thank Dick, Scott and Steven for all their help this semester!!!

From the crew of Wedding Cake House ~ Truth Behind the Myths Thank You.

See you at Maine Mayhem! (9:15 tickets are still on sale!!)


Post Production Update- Final Cut 99.9999% Complete

We had another great week for the Wedding Cake House. The Final Cut is so close to being done there are only a few small tweaks to change to the film.

We also have great news Maine Mayhem will be showing a second screening of the films at 9:15pm so if you weren’t able to get you tickets for the first show you have a second chance!

Post Production Update- Rough Cut Done;

This week was another great week for the Wedding Cake House. We showed our rough cut in class and got a lot of positive feed back. There are few tweaks to the film, but we’re in a really good place.

This weekend we will be recording Scott for one last time for the narrations and then we will just have to add in our illustrations. Three weeks until Maine Mayhem. Let the Count Down begin!!

Post Production Update;

This week was a great week for the Wedding Cake House. We were able to start up out Indiegogo fundraising campaign on Saturday! (The link is below).

We are also happy to introduce out illustrator Elizabeth Mercier. We really excited to have her be a part of the Wedding Cake House Team.

We went one final time to the Brick Store Museum to get all the final b-roll we needed for the film. We would like to thanks the people of Brick Store for all their help during the production of this film.

We are also really close to finishing up our rough cut for the film which is really great.

Production Update; Post Production

This week we did very well. We were able to record both Scott’s and Dick’s voice over pieces. They both did a great job. We were also able to edit together our first set of dallies (edited scenes).

Next week we are planning to head down to the Brick Store Museum one last time to get some left over b-roll of some of the artifacts they have. We are also planning to continue the editing process.